The Model Body Workout

The Model Body Workout is a specially designed Workout program and Nutrition plan Created to assist Modeling Agency’s and Top Models from all over the world to achieve and maintain the perfect model body.

What is the perfect Model Body? The perfect “Top Model” Body is first and foremost a healthy one that should be Long, lean and toned without any visible muscle. The workout also helps achieve mental and physical balance perfect for Runway and High Fashion models but the best thing about The Model Body workout is you don’t have to be a model to do it.

The Model Body Workout plan was created by Official “Top Model” Coach, Nutritionist and Body planner “Kasia Rain” and combines a select group of simple but effective exercise elements touching on Fitness, Dance, Yoga and Pilates. The workout can also be done in Combination with (Optional) specially designed FOGA wrist and ankle weights for extra resistance and tone.

The workout runs a total of 45-minutes and should be done in combination with a healthy balanced nutrition plan, which can be made up of your own choice of Healthy and Simple recipes from The Model Body Cook Book. “Healthy & Simple with Kasia Rain”

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